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5 Of the Cheapest Portable Volleyball Nets

Have you ever arrived at the beach with your friends and ready to play an entertaining game of volleyball but there is no net available? Or did you simply want to set up a game in your backyard? Not everyone has the opportunity to put up fixed poles, so the option of the portable net becomes more appropriate in these cases. For fans of the sport, a good portable volleyball net system is essential. However this doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive buy.

How much should I spend on a Volleyball Net?

Well if you are looking for a decent portable or outdoor volleyball net, then you should keep in mind that there are large ranges in prices. But a volleyball net is not something you buy every day, there are many nets that are difficult to set up and don’t hold up well to the wind or balls against the net. 

There are quite a few nets on the market, ranging from pro level to simple cheap nets that you can simply carry to the beach with you. It may be worth considering our advice before buying one, in this post we are going to tell you which are the best movable volleyball nets.

Volleyball net measurements

In the central axis of the court, that is, in the middle of it, a net of 1 m wide and about 9.5 to 10 m long is placed, with two bands at the ends and two vertical rods protruding over the lateral line of the court.

The net is formed by squares of 10 x 10 cm and will have an upper and lower edge of white band of 5 centimeters high, and this will be crossed by a flexible cable to give tension to it once mounted.

Portable nets

The nets are a little more unstable than the fixed nets, but normally they have very simple systems to install and you will have your net mounted in only a few minutes.

1. Baden Champions Volleyball Set Blue

An ideal choice for schools, sports centers and families, this high quality volleyball net and poles is for players who want a professional experience.

Main features

This portable volleyball nets comes with a Baden MatchPoint volleyball, a regulation size volleyball net, a ball pump with needle, 2 heavy duty adjustable steel posts, a set of weather resistant boundary lines and 1 durable carrying bag.

That’s right! It has everything you need for easy installation at a great price and because it’s so stable, it won’t end up falling over.

It’s sturdy and stable, with a set of black powder coated steel poles and stakes ensures that it will hold up in the most intense games, ideal for any occasion.


  • Can be used on grass or sand.
  • Weather resistant.


The ball is not as resistant.

2. Park & Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net System

With the design of the sleeves you can expect excellent tension from top to bottom, as well as playability off the net.

Main features

Includes a rule book, carrying case, air pump and net. It has a 179 wind system with its tension rings that have to be adjusted. The Spectrum Classic set comes with a crank system that is essentially set-and-forget.

It includes the U.S.-developed 2″ aluminum telescoping batons, which cleverly employ a push-button locking system to instantly switch to men’s, women’s and mixed playing heights.

It is a very stable volleyball net thanks to its guyline system with fold-out padded handles that allows for quick and easy tension adjustment, maintaining maximum stability during aggressive play.


  • Easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable net height
  • Easy set up


  • Additional effort may be required to set up the net system in the arena.

3. Patiassy Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net Set for Backyard Beach

Although it is not an 18-foot net, it does the job!

Main Features

Comes with a complementary volleyball made with premium Material and stitching and a 1680 denier polyester carrying bag to fit the volleyball net. This portable volleyball nets net is perfect for backyard beaches with an anti-sag system. The setup is exactly the same as a professional tournament. The net is 32 feet long and 3 feet wide.

It is made with 32 hour polyester, manufactured with superior quality powder coated aluminum poles and extra durable net. This makes it lightweight and portable yet very durable, ideal for indoor and outdoor play.


  • Sturdy construction steel posts.
  • Height adjustable posts, volleyball with pump and carry bag.


  • Bottom part sinks a little in the rain.

4. Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System

Park & Sun Sports is renowned for its excellent tournament-grade portable outdoor volleyball sets that combine price, quality and durability to provide an exceptional level of play.

Main Features

Set includes a volleyball with a machine-stitched soft surface, pump for inflation and a zippered equipment bag.

The push-post locking system adjusts to the height of different players and this huge 24-foot net can span entire pools, allowing you to make your “court” as big as you want.

The nylon blend netting is a conventional size, with a simple connection to the poles. This net stands up to the elements better, so you can enjoy the game for years to come. Even during hard play, the mm tie line keeps the net tight.


  • Stake anchors and adjustable ropes keep the whole thing securely in place.


  • The plastic base does not appear to be UV protected.

For more fun and practical games you can count on this amazing 4-person adjustable volleyball game set to spend time outdoors with your family and friends!

5. CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball Net & Game Set

Main features

 This set gives you the opportunity to play your first official four-person volleyball game. Best of all, the height of this volleyball net can be adjusted for the whole family including men, boys or ladies playing volleyball outdoors.

Set up is easy, it will only take you a couple of minutes to get this portable volleyball nets ready, plus there is also a manual and video on their official website in case you need help.

You can play on any surface and rest assured that this net will maintain the strength and stability needed for every occasion.


  • Comes in a complete set with a carrying backpack, pump, pole, boundary lines, rule book, ground and volleyball ties.
  • Very easy set up.


  • The ball is not to a great one.

We know that volleyball is an addictive sport, easy to play and with which you can enjoy entire afternoons with your friends or family and with any of these portable volleyball nets you can set up a court and challenge your friends!

Things to consider when buying a volleyball net

Most cheap portable, outdoor and backyard nets tend to be very similar in structure. Prices range of course, however just because a net is cheap or form a well-known brand, isn’t a reason to buy it. Below we have outlined a few things to consider when picking your net:

  1. Simplicity and ease of use. A good portable net should be easy to set up, whether its in your backyard or at the beach. A complex structure just takes away from your playing time and could get frustrating to use.
  2. Support structure material. These days there are a range of materials that net support structures are made up of, steel, aluminum and even plastic. Plastic and aluminum structures are easy to transport being light weight, however plastic ones may not be long lasting and break easily. Aluminum may bend if not taken care off. Steel on the other hand is hardy, and will last, however can be quite heavy to cart around.   
  3. Adjustability. How easy is it to change the height and tension of your net? Telescopic poles are an absolute bonus. Tension wheels could be quite useful too.
  4. Weather resistance. How well can the net withstand the weather if you must leave it out? Do they also stand well against the wind (especially if playing on the beach)?
  5. Storage Bag – some nets don’t come with their own storage and transporting bag – you may want to factor that into the cost.
  6. Padded poles would be another thing to consider for safe play, especially with steel nets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many volleyball nets are there?

Usually there are two common sizes, 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women. There are also variations in outdoor and indoor nets, however these are low. Note: the net height is always measured in the centre.

What type of net is used in volleyball?

A long rectangular net that measures usually 2.43m is used in Volleyball. the net is usually suspended between two poles. Note that men’s nets are 8ft high and women’s nets are 7.4ft high.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor volleyball nets?

Both nets are very similar in style – however outdoor volleyball nets are usually made to be wind resistant, whole indoor nets tend to be more durable.

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