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Active Ankles for Volleyball

Should you wear active ankles for volleyball ?

Active Ankles are worn on your Ankles,duh.. to prevent them from rolling and injury them or worse is you falling down and injuring your knee. They say that if you jump a lot especially in a sport like volleyball, you must wear Active Ankles. I disagree. The answer to this question totally depends on you. If you have never wore an active ankle while playing and than you start wearing them you tend to feel that extra thing in your feet.

How much difference does it make ?

A lot. Wearing active ankles does make a lot of difference. Sure stretching your muscles can keep your tendons strong and stuff but you can feel that extra protection when you wear the Active Ankles playing games like Volleyball and I have wore active ankle for all my life and have never had any problems with them. It has always been about protection from Ankle injuries rather than cure.

Should not wear…

Everyone agrees that Active Ankles do hell of a job preventing Ankle injuries. But some say that they tend to weaken your foot muscles especially when recovering from an injury. There are also those who say that Active Ankles do work for preventing Ankle Injuries but they move the shock to the next joint which is the knee. No matter what, ask any Coach and he will say that Active Ankle will not prevent from injury, no matter what you wear you will have sprained ankles sometime but what Active Ankles helps is in drastically reducing the impact and the severeness of the injury.


WEAR THEM FOR YOUR SAKES…. One thing to always remember while playing Sports is that “Prevention is always better than Cure” . Rather than rolling you Ankles while playing and injuring yourself and sitting at home recovering, I would say that Wear them, get used to it and you wont have problem.

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