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Buying Volleyball Shoes – A Guide

Shoes, like all sporting gear, are an important part of every athlete’s apparel.

Are there volleyball shoes? With a sport like volleyball, the attire is very simple. Kneepads, shorts and a t-shirt are often required; however, a player’s shoes can make all of the difference. and yes there are shoes specifically designed for volleyball.

What shoes are good for volleyball?

Most court shoes would perform adequately, however for true performance, and for protection of your ankles and feet, you should focus on shoes that were specifically created to handle the range of motions that are common in Volleyball. There are several brands that focus on volleyball shoes, and a pair from any of them would be better than an ordinary court shoe. Keep in mind that mens and womens styles differ and there is a range to cater for both.

The Top 5 Volleyball Shoes On the Market

Brand and StyleReviewBest Place to Buy
Mizuno Wave Bolt 6The wave bolts are popular amongst volleyball players especially for regular training sessions as they are really durable and will usually outlast most others.See best reviews and prices
ASICS GEL-Rocket 9The Gel Rocket 9s are a staple of the volleyball circuit and are the best choice for an affordable shoe with all the features you need to play well. See best reviews and prices
Mizuno Wave LightningThis is probably the second most popular set of shoes you will see on the courts. Its uses Parallel Wave tech and is great at dispersing shock. See best reviews and prices
ASICS Gel UpcourtFor those new to the sport or on a budget, the Asics Gel upcourt is a good all-round shoe popular on most court games not just volleyball. Ideal for growing kids as well. See best reviews and prices
Adidas Originals Crazyflight BounceIf you want to spend good money and looks are important to you that the Crazyflight Bounce by Adidas is probably the volleyball shoes you would want. See best reviews and prices

What are the best volleyball shoes?

When buying athletic shoes, always choose shoes that are specifically designed for the sport or purpose. If you are a volleyball player, you must opt for shoes that will help you improve your performance in the volleyball court. When choosing a pair of shoes, keep in mind that there a few qualities on what to look for; you want to perform better, look good as well as protect yourself from potential injuries in the volleyball court, consider these important factors.

Are Men’s and Womens Volleyball shoes Different?

Well apart from size, most volleyball shoes come in both mens and womens styles.

Where to buy volleyball shoes?

Most sporting shops should have volleyball shoes in stock – however if you want choice, selection, sizes and colours, then I would probably compare prices and styles on Amazon.

Features Your Volleyball Shoes Must Posses

Due to the sport’s escalating popularity, shoe manufacturers designed specific footwear that can go beyond the conventional sport’s shoes. If you are serious in playing volleyball, you must have the right volleyball footwear. With the right set of shoes, you will be able to perform better as well as protect your feet and ankle from any injuries. When buying volleyball shoes, consider these important qualities:

It is best not to cut corners when buying these shoes as quality will go a long way for your health and performance. Cheaper shoes may result in injuries or falls and will wear out quickly.

Cushioning and Midsole

A soft and comfortable mid-sole is one of the vital qualities on what to look for in volleyball shoes. When playing volleyball, you will spend most of your time on the balls of your toes and feet. To reduce the risk of sustaining injuries in this area, choose shoes with mid-soles that would absorb shock. Soles with such qualities are usually made of liquid, gel, air and foam. Through these materials, your feet will have the proper cushioning


Another important feature on what to look for is the shoe’s ability to provide good lateral support. Keep in mind that volleyball requires frequent and chronic lateral movements from its players. Top manufacturers use innovative designs with a variety of materials for lateral support. These shoes are consisted of lightweight synthetic components that provide ankle support.

Traction and Grip

Since volleyball courts are mostly consisted of hard surfaces like hardwood floors, a good pair of volleyball shoes must possess superior traction for the player’s side to side movements. Good footwear must have a superior gum rubber sole for better traction. With this shoe capability, you will be react faster and quicker to any play in the volleyball court.


One of the most important quality in what to look for in volleyball shoes is the size of the shoes. Before buying a pair, make sure that they fit properly to your feet. If the shoes are tight or lose, consider other shoe sizes. Try on several sizes and pairs until you get the right fit. A player should consider his or her safety and comfort. Try them on in the store and walk around for a bit in them before you buy to see if the fit is right for you.


When buying an athletic shoe, make sure that they are very comfortable. One of the most important aspects on what to look for in volleyball shoes is their comfort level and ease. If you want to perform better in the volleyball court, choose shoes that are padded with soft cushions.

The Arch

Similar to running shoes, volleyball sneakers must have good arch support. In addition, the lacing must be secure and the shoe should be sturdy.

The Sole

When choosing volleyball shoes, you also want to inspect the sole. It is important to note that it grips the floor well. If you are playing indoor volleyball, which is perhaps the most common way to play the sport, that this is even more important.

You want to be sure that the sneakers allow you to be agile, and that you can stop quickly. In other words, they aren’t slippery. As a player you are running back and forth, turning quickly and jumping.

Having a firm grip on the floor is important to keep you injury free. 

Breaking in your volleyball shoes

It is also important to break in the sneakers before games so that you do not get blisters. This is often due to the stiff backs of sneakers.

Try to break them in at practices so that blisters do not ruin your performance during games. It should not take too long to break in your sneakers, so if you start wearing them a week before the big game, you should be OK.  

Caring for your volleyball shoes

It is also important to use your volleyball sneakers only for game time and practices, and not to run errands, so that they stay in top form. As you want to buy a higher quality sneaker that is most likely expensive, you want them to last as long as possible and only wearing them during practice and games only will help prolong their life.

As volleyball is mostly played indoors, it will be relatively easy to care for the shoes.

Just cleaning them with a mild soap and water should suffice. Just wipe down the surface after each game and practice to keep them tidy.

To clean up scuff marks, which can commonly occur, find something with a rough edge (like a toothbrush) to scrub with and the marks should eventually come off. Just make sure it is not too rough so that it does not rip the material on the sneaker.

Photo by Raja Tilkian on Unsplash

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