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Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 Review

Mizuno is among the best shoe manufacturers in the world, and looking at this shoe it is not difficult to see why. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 is a really good volleyball shoe choice for men.

It offers you the best of both stability and comfort even during long periods of play. In addition, the shoe is not only comfortable for men, but also for women – though women need to order a size and a half down.

The shoe has good cushioning levels, making landings be soft and stable, though the drawback here seems to be the lack of variety in color options (this is not a deal breaker though).

A synthetic material makes up the shoe, while a synthetic sole provides the shoe with both traction and lack of markings that spoil a court surface. The air mesh on the upper enhances the breathability of the shoe.

An aspect that is common in Mizuno shoes is ‘the wave’. This allows the midsole cushioning to spread out the impact forces evenly, so the foot does not sink into the middle of the shoe – this provides extra support on the foot arch. This particular shoe has a Parallel wave, which works for those with neutral foot types that do not need added support.

The shoe flexibility is high, thanks to the Dynamotion fit, while the heel stays secure and comfortable because of the Flex Eyelets and stretch mesh. For additional protection to your toes, the shoe has Dura shield toe guards, but without the extra weight.

What we like

  • High durability
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • The shoe is lightweight and has a good grip
  • The shoe is very stable

What we do not like

  • The tongue of the shoe is too short

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