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Partner Ball Control Drills

If you have a partner and a ball you can improve your ball control with just a few hours a week. Your setting and passing can both benefit immensely from these drills.

Version #1: Easier

ou and your partner should stand 20-25 feet apart. To start off your partner tosses you the ball, and you then pass it straight up in the air to yourself. Then you pass the ball back to your partner, who does the same thing (pass to self, pass to partner).

Aim to continuously pass back and forth for at least a minute without the ball hitting the ground.

This drill also works with setting, and can be a good way for you to learn both short and long sets at the same time.

Version #2: Harder

The principle is the same: one hit to yourself, one to your partner. But this time instead of continually facing your partner, you’ll turn 90 degrees after you pass to yourself so that your pass to your partner is a sideways pass. Alternate which side you turn to each time.

The will make sure you’re able to control your passes no matter what direction you end up facing in a match.

This version will be harder with setting, so you may need to stand closer to your partner.

Version #3: Hardest

Now you’ll be turning completely around after you pass to yourself so that your back is to your partner when you pass to them. There won’t be many times that your back is to the court in a game (or at least there shouldn’t be), but when it happens it’s crucial that you have control over the ball.

This drill is great for getting comfortable back setting too, just try not to do to it for too long or you’ll get really dizzy!

Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

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