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Soccer VolleyBall

The Ultimate Skill Game

Players:  Original SoccerVolleyBall is to be played by all ages with varying skill levels. Teams consist of two (2) players per side up to five (5) players per side.

Court:  The game is played on a regulation Volleyball court, either indoors or outdoors (The court is 60 feet (18m) by 30 feet (9m), each side is 30 ft. by 30 ft.).

Net:  The dividing net is six (6) feet high for regulation play, but may be lowered to four (4) feet high for beginners or special needs players.

Ball:  The Original SoccerVolleyBall playing ball is specially designed to allow for the nuances of this unique game and invoke the ultimate test of skill. Playing ball must be approved by Original SoccerVolleyBall.

Object of The Game:  To score the necessary amount of points to win the game by getting the ball over the net using only touches allowed in Soccer.

Service:  Service rotates from side to side like Volleyball. Breaking service changes side only. Service is done from the service line only, and each team rotates servers after fault occurs. Service is done by kicking the ball to the opposing team over the net.

Ball Contact:  Ball handling is per Soccer rules (i.e. no hands or arms allowed). The ball may be touched up to three (3) times per side, but only twice by the same player. The ball may touch the surface one (1) time per side. The ball may touch the net (other than on service) and is in play as long as it does not hit the surface more than once or is touched more than three (3) times.

Substitutions:  Substitutions can be made when service occurs.

Beginning The Game:  Service is determined by volley or another method of selection (i.e. coin flip).

Scoring:  Points are only scored when serving. A point is scored by the serving team when the ball touches the playing surface more than once on the opposing side or is touched more than three (3) times by the receiving team or is out of bounds.

Winning The Game:  The game is won when a team reaches 15 points. The winning score must be by a two (2)-point margin.  If the two (2) points margin does not occur, the game continues until a team reaches 21 points. First team to 21 points wins.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Playing SoccerVolleyball is strenuous physical activity, and involves risk of injury.  Consult with your physician before undertaking SoccerVolleyball or any vigorous athletic activity.  When you participate in this activity you assume responsibility for playing the game safely, for you as well as other participants and spectators.

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