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The Best Volleyball Shoes for Women

Appropriate volleyball shoes for women are needed to maintain or improve the performance of female athletes when playing.

Just like any other volleyball gears, there are pairs of shoes that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of this intense sport. Common rubber or sneaker shoes can be used outdoors or on the yard for leisure playing, but they become useless if they are to be used in professional volleyball tournaments held inside gymnasiums and specialized courts. While playing, the perfect pair of shoes can provide added flexibility, foot and leg endurance, and added hitting thrust.

Essential Features that Volleyball Shoes for Women Should Have

The Need for Grip.

Almost all indoor sports venues particularly those intended for basketball, volleyball, and tennis have smoother or more slippery floorings. The last thing a player wants to experience is to accidentally slip or fall while performing fast and abrupt volleyball moves. If a player wears a pair of shoes that do not provide sufficient grip inside the court, she will be more conscious on her moves which eventually affect the performance of the whole team.

The Pair Should Provide Excellent Maneuverability.

Another needed feature for volleyball shoes is the provision for excellent maneuverability. This simply means that the player can move around, make directional or lateral movements, and take off or stop quickly without feelings of restrictions and discomfort. The size, weight, and dimensions of the shoes are three of the factors related to this feature. Ordinary and cheap volleyball shoes for women often have designs and materials that restrict free feet movement.

Excellent Shock Absorbance.

Volleyball exposes the shoes to extreme pressure, hits, and sudden weight changes. Some experts note that the weight carried by volleyball shoes for women can reach up to eight times during jumps and sudden runs or turns making them vulnerable to damages or early shoe failures. The shock absorbing power of the shoes also helps in reducing the pressure or shocks experienced by the feet and leg especially the heels and joints while playing. When buying, durability and flexibility of the heels and the midsole should be ensured.

Suitable Upper Shoe Design and Material.

After dealing with the lower parts of the shoes responsible for improving game performance, the design and material used for the upper shoe portion is of equal importance. It is responsible for keeping the shoes in place, allows the feet to breath, and may also affect maneuverability. When choosing for the upper shoe material that would ensure comfort to volleyball shoes for women, mesh, leather, or synthetic leather is preferred over suede or rubber.

Notable Brands of Volleyball Shoes

The three most popular women's brands for volleyball shoes in the world.
The three most popular women’s brands for volleyball shoes in the world.

There are several brands that produce quality volleyball shoes for women but the top three include Adidas, Mizuno, and Asics.

Adidas Volleyball Shoes

Adidas is primarily known for its stylish and unique footwear designs, and these great looks have been integrated to the functionality needed to produce special volleyball shoes for both men and women. Each Adidas pair ensures moisture transport and air ventilation, comfort, topnotch shock absorption, perfect fit, and an overall improvement in performance.

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes.

Mizuno volleyball shoes for women are known for their features of providing comfort, agility, and extreme performance. Each shoe design is ergonomically designed to absorb the pressure and stress that should have been directed to the feet and joints, the shoes ensure stability during play, and they weigh lighter, too.

Asics Volleyball Shoes

Asics volleyball shoes for women are noted for having the best shock absorbing systems. And just like the two other brands, Asics ensures comfort, stability, grip, light weight and proper foot ventilation.

Aside from the inherent skills of volleyball players, there are a few secrets that can improve the game play or performance of each and every player. Among which is the proper choice of playing gears particularly of the best volleyball shoes for women.

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