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Top 10 Volleyball Spike Training Equipment

Getting to the end of matches in good physical shape has become a must in all sports and volleyball is no exception.

Whether you are an expert or just starting to play volleyball, training is a fundamental tool to improve your endurance and game techniques.

For this reason, we must not only take into account the ball, net, space or shoes, but also the training equipment, which not only improves your skills but also saves you from injuries and muscle pain.

Here you will find 10 of the best volleyball spike training equipment that will help you improve and master the techniques, improve your physicality and practice!

1.  Volleyball Star Training Equipment aid

This is a complete kit that includes the strap, the lanyard and a bag, but also ten finger sleeves and a handmade backpack and wristband.

It is ideal for experts or beginners, because with this equipment you will always keep your hands in the right position and have control over the ball thanks to its adjustment straps and its bouncer that allows you to hit the ball without chasing it.

  • PROS: a very complete kit, ideal for indoor practice.
  • CONS: the ball does not fit in the bag, it is only for the equipment.

2. Regius Volleyball Training Equipment 3.0 – Premium Solo Trainer

With this simple training equipment you can practice wherever and whenever you want, thanks to its design by placing the waist strap around you and your volleyball on the ball holder.

Adjust the strap to your liking, and you won’t have to run after the ball alone when training, as this elastic trainer strap will return your volleyball after every hit.

  • PROS: Simple and functional design.
  • CONS: ball is not included.

3. TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System

This equipment features an adjustable design, thanks to its large hook to link and Enhanced Flexible Support.

The elastic cord adjusts to any player’s height improving the timing, speed and power of the hitting approach with this SPIKE volleyball training system.

  • PROS: Easily attaches to poles, garage ceilings and more.
  • CONS: Also works on basketball goals but tends to tangle a bit.

4. Tandem Sport Pass Rite, Volleyball Training Aid Resistance Band

This equipment focuses primarily on practicing passing by allowing proper upward arm movement.

The mechanism of this equipment is quite simple, it is a strong and durable elastic band that is attached to the wrists and ankles of the passer to train for a proper volleyball pass.

The elastic band is adjustable as well as the velcro attachments to adapt to the height of any player.

  • PROS: easy to use and adjust, ideal for muscle memory training.
  • CONS: a little hard to get your height right.

5. Banhear Volleyball Practice Equipment Aid 

This set includes one 1 kid training aid, two stretchers and 10 finger pads. It has an adjustable Velcro design that fits around the waist, allowing you to practice anywhere.

It is made of heavy-duty neoprene material to withstand the toughest practices. The bungee cord will guide the ball back, no need to get the ball and interrupting the training can keep it in a smooth state.

  • PROS: This auxiliary set supports the ball in the center of the palm during training.
  • CONS: in some positions it can get tangled.

6. TOBWOLF Volleyball Training Equipment Aid

It includes an elastic drawstring, a waist band, a ball pouch and two hand straps.

With this equipment you can improve and practice your touch, set up, spike, overhead and underhand serves and more without any interruptions thanks to its comfortable waist adjustment that will allow you to spend more time hitting the ball than looking for it.

With this training equipment and the right training technique you can develop muscle memory in no time.

  • PROS: Its elastic drawstring allows for different game modes and even practice with different balls.
  • CONS: Does not fit large sizes.

7. Spike Glove – Volleyball Training Aid

To practice and improve your passing, the Spike Glove ensures that the player shoots the ball at a downward angle with the fingers pointing downward, resulting in a more accurate and consistent shot. Added to its constant repetition, it will serve as muscle memory.

This glove is made of elastic silicone with an adjustable wristband, it is durable, resistant and adapts to different sizes with 3 levels of adjustment.

  • PROS: Durable, easy to use.
  • CONS: a little hard at first.

8. CRUSH iT SPORTS Volleyball Training Equipment Aid

It is a training equipment designed mainly for children. This volleyball trainer practice set includes a bouncer that allows you to practice serve and spike creating accurate shots without interruptions.

It features adjustment straps that keep you in the correct position, thus maintaining better control over the ball.

This trainer is made of tough and durable neoprene, has an extra wide strap sewn to the bag and the elastic drawstring can be adjusted from 40 inches (102 cm).

  • PROS: ideal for children of all ages.
  • CONS: for inexperienced children the ball can sometimes come back aggressively.

9. Volley Pro Premium Volleyball Rebounder & Serving Trainer

The volleyball training equipment kit includes a comfortable, adjustable Velcro rebounding belt, a 90-inch elastic rebounding band, a drawstring carrying bag, a two-way ball pump, a technique ball and information with links to world-renowned professional coach and player Sara Monti.

Definitely one of the most complete volleyball spike training equipment!

The ultimate volleyball spike trainer will help you, to master the serve, spike and become a professional volleyball setter.

  • PROS: It is suitable for all skill levels and for girls, boys, men and women from adolescence to adulthood.
  • CONS: The elastic should be in the middle to avoid sudden movements.

10. Puredrop Volleyball Training Equipment Aid

This equipment will help you practice arm swinging and throwing techniques in a row, which helps to perfect your muscle memory.

The length of the reinforced double rope can be adjusted to fit your height and adjust the cable accordingly for optimal serve training; the elastic cord guides the ball back after each swing.

The Velcro waistband is comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to fit waist sizes ranging from (80 cm).

  • PROS: Ideal for beginners.
  • CONS: Adjustable up to a maximum height of 5′ 9″ (1.8m).

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